Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Classes resumed as usual, been getting busier nowadays, since it's the last day of the semester. Stressful days, where i can't even get to go training or even find a way to improve myself.

When it was sem break back then, training was good, could just feel the effect, but once it's over, it's just so uneasy. I used to wake up in the morning, going to the court or the gym, but that day, the first day, the first thing i woke up is to attend classes. It's just so different.

My work is still as usual, didn't affect it much (fortunately, or else how to earn money =.="). Still finding a way how to get back to my best condition and top form....

Now there are 2 paths set ahead of me, to go left....or right....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23rd

It was great having you along and thank you for the ticket to the concert. Really appreciate it :)

Eventhough i get to go to the concert, it wouldn't be great or fantastic without you around. With your presence, it just feels Awesome!

Now the world is filled with colours with you around :)

Friday, July 8, 2011


Now that some said i improved, i do feel happy and satisfied, but somehow i try to tell myself not to get carried away by such praise or compliment, because i'm afraid that if i listen to it, i may get myself indulged in it and then my commitment and focus will be distracted.

I tried to tell myself though i see some bits of it, but the bright light is still far away from my reach. My hands stretched out at most to grab it but still out of reach. There's still a lot for me to work on.

Like today's match, i managed to play what i want to play, just that i made a few careless mistakes, some that shouldn't be done. I was confident that i could take my opponent down with my form today, but mistakes just did not make my day.

Eventhough i lost, but i told myself, "This is a good try men! Keep it up!" so that i can maintain my positive energy.

Stay Positive!

Friday, July 1, 2011

1st of July

June already ended, now it's 1st of July. I wonder have i made any improvement throughout the month of June? Did i manage to do what i want? I don't know...

Since July is the last month i can train full time before my semester resumes, I just hope i can give my all and train harder than previously in June. I need to make results in tournament.

Let's just hope things will go along well...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


When i play against my opponent, i will tend to think a lot such as thinking where my opponent will place the shuttle and this causes me to have Fear inside me, fearing that i may get trapped by my opponent.

I need to play without fearing where my opponent will place the shuttle. As long as i'm ready, the fear will not be able to threathen me when i'm on court.

Somehow, this fear remains in me, it just can't get off me....

Fear...please leave me so that i will be brave enough to play it down!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Training nowadays is tiring for me, but i don't mind going through the tiring training and getting those muscle ache, as long as it pays off, I will train hard!

Stay focused and determined to reach my target.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

After Final Exams

My final exams are finally over, after 3 weeks going crazy and hardcore for it. Been off from badminton during that time too. Life that time was really like a colourless, just so horrible, but at least now i can get back on court and enjoy again.

Can't wait to get back to training again, i miss all my friends there, the coaches and also the training atmosphere. I want to work hard again, get better and improve myself from the current now, which is not even stable when i go for tournaments, feels horribly bad.

Been facing some hard time with my parents, as they always ask me to go and work at the office like doing works related to my course. I really don't want to waste my semester break on that. I rather go and train hard and full time, at least i won't regret that i did not try. Anyways, after i graduate, i won't be able to train like this anymore, that time i will be working fully.

In life, how many 10 years do we have? How many things can we do during our youth? I don't want to let my youth just pass like this. I want to do something meaningful, achieve something before my youth ends.

To Full Time training! I must~! Train hard, go for tournaments and achieve results. That's how should things be done!